Hospitality Paradigm offers a range of behavioural modules specially crafted for the service industry. We create and customize programs according to client-specific requirements. For more information, contact us.

"A Basket For Sales"

Modules for Sales Teams

"Wake Up And Smell The Coffee"

Change Management

"From Efficient to Effective"

Managerial Effectiveness


The Role of Profits

"Guest Delighted"

Guest Service Management

"Dangling Carrots & Peanuts"

Retention in a Competitive Environment

"This Is My House"


"The Emotionally Intelligent Leader"

Towards exemplary leadership

"The Fire Within"

The Importance of Self-Motivation

"Come Along With Me"

Leadership With Respect

"I'm Listening"


"From Activities to Results"

Time Management

"I Did It Our Way"


"I See Myself In A Mirror"


"Go The Extra Mile"

Front-line creative selling